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Our non-profit educational institute, founded by Hans-Dieter Sauer in Heidelberg in 1980, comprises a range of schools, universities and academies at various locations throughout Germany and Europe. Our range of educational facilities includes:

  • General primary and secondary schools (Grundschule, Realschule and Gymnasium) and vocational secondary schools (e.g. vocational Gymnasium, vocational college)
  • Boarding schools in Heidelberg and Chemnitz
  • State-recognised professional schools
  • The International University of Cooperative Education, with study centres throughout Germany
  • The University of Applied Sciences and its International Prep School which prepares young people wishing to study in Germany
  • Language academies providing foreign languages for professional purposes, language courses and language tours
  • Commercial colleges of further education
  • Seminars and in-company training
  • Training and continuing education courses in various fields 

Discover education at its best and its greatest variety.