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In an interconnected world, communication structures and professional practice are developing in such a way that people are increasingly reliant, both personally and professionally, on English as an additional language. It is imperative that they have a sophisticated and confident command of the language, similar to their mother tongue, as well as a deep and intimate knowledge. With this in mind, bilingual educational programmes strive to achieve near bilingualism with an expansion of foreign language learning and an integrative approach to specialist subjects. The bilingual English/German Gymnasium [high school] provides pupils with the possibility to continue and/or deepen bilingual learning in a specially designed profile from year 5 onwards, which builds upon the bilingual English experience gained at primary school level. Classes are conducted half in German half in English. This covers projects, teamwork and native speaker meetings, as well as the use of new information and communication technologies starting from year 5 and study groups, incorporating relevant class materials. Traditional foreign language teaching and learning is expanded and intensified through bilingual classes in the specialist subjects. This means that specialist subjects such as Geography, History, Biology etc. are taught increasingly in the foreign language (English). The bilingual classes place greater demands on the pupils. Depending on how long the pupils attend the bilingual classes, they receive different certificates which confirm their attendance. We also offer social science and economics specialisations - now with a bilingual International Business advanced course, likewise taught as described above. At our three-year vocational Gymnasium, with either a social science or an economics specialisation, we combine academic and professional knowledge to offer a modern qualification that also prepares learners for their future career. Expert and experienced teaching staff, modern teaching methods and individual supervision help prepare our pupils for the general qualification for university entrance (Abitur) and for meeting the growing demands of a globalised professional world.

Professionalism - We give learning a home
Our Gymnasium offers social science and economics specialisations (with advanced courses in Business and International Business) and prepares pupils for the Abitur in three years.

Diversity - We respect everybody equally
Our school recognises every pupil along with his or her special characteristics, talents and needs, as well as their positive contribution to the school’s atmosphere.

Internationalism - We are global citizens
We prepare our pupils to meet the future demands of the globalised world. Alongside bilingual classes in the International Business advanced course, we also offer Spanish and French as a second foreign language. Our school participates in the global Model United Nations international school conferences and in the Juvenes Translatores European translation competition. The social sciences Global Learning seminar course offers opportunities for pupils to gain their first intercultural experiences and encounters.