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An early start means enhanced language learning
The Heidelberg Private School Centre’s (Heidelberger Privatschulcentrum - HPC) primary school with bilingual specialisation provides pupils with a unique learning opportunity in a play-oriented environment. The bilingual approach means that Germanspeaking pupils learn English as a foreign language intensively, and vice versa, English-speaking pupils learn German. In the bilingual specialisation, all subjects apart from German are taught partly in German and partly in English. Subjects such as ‘People, Nature and Culture’, Mathematics, Religion or ‘Movement, Play and Sport’ are split equally between German and English. In this way, children quickly learn to first understand and, later, how to speak, read and write in English and German. The English language is therefore not a subject in its own right, but is the natural medium of communication, acquired in a similar manner to that of the mother tongue. English and German native speakers are  therefore employed as teachers. Primary school education, school years 1 to 4, lays the foundation for the entire school career and as such forms the basis of a happy, self-reliant and successful future for your child. It builds upon the educational and developmental work of the nursery or the parent/guardian and equips pupils with essential knowledge, skills and competences. The HPC primary school provides a positive learning and developmental environment which gives your child the best preparation for the next steps in life. This is supported by the possibility of offering daycare facilities as well as special programmes to promote and support children in particular circumstances. Teaching is based on the curriculum of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and aims not only to provide the child with an outstanding and broad-ranging education that reflects his or her abilities, but also to facilitate integration into secondary school.