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International Prep School (IPS)


Securing a spot at a German university can be very time-consuming and frustrating at times. In many cases you will discover that your international school leaving certificate is difficult to compare to German ones. In other cases you will find out that you must be proficient in German before even being able to apply for a visa.
This means that direct university entrance can be a problem.
To this end, our University of Applied Sciences, HWTK, in cooperation with the F+U Academy of Languages (AoL) is offering preparatory classes leading to the German university-entrance diploma for business and economics programmes for high-school graduates from around the world regardless of their type of entrance qualification and language skills.

University Entrance Qualifications for International Students
Specialisation: Universities for Applied Sciences.

  • 9 months full-time in Heidelberg
  • Academic foundation for programmes in social sciences, economics and technical subjects
  • Passing the ‘Feststellungsprüfung’ (official assessment test for entrance to university in Germany) and fulfilling HWTK’s other requirements guarantees admission to a degree course at HWTK Berlin
  • Degree Feststellungsprüfung

Admission requirements:

  • Anabin result: Preparatory course at a ‘Studienkolleg’ Find out about your status here: and
  • German language skills level B1 (entrance test)

Applications are accepted from mid-March to mid-April. You will find soon all important informations for your application procedure.

Tuition Fees 

Service TH/week German
Course times
(Mon - Fri)
Fee Duration Start/dates
Preparatory seminar¹ 40 ab B1 12 - 20 9-16:30 € 8500 36 weeks 07.09.2015;
Accommodation, single room²         € 85 Weekly Move in Sundays, move out Saturdays
Accommodation, double room²         € 150 Weekly Move in Sundays, move out Saturdays
Examination fee         ca. € 650   Usually June and November

Learners who do not already have B1 level German can gain the required A1 and A2 basic skills at our language schools in Berlin, Chemnitz, Darmstadt and Heidelberg.

Service TH/week German
Course times
(Mon - Fri)
Fee Duration Start/dates
Basic course DaF I³ 30 A1-A2 4-15 9-14:30 € 1500 12 weeks 01.06.2015;
Basic course DaF II³ 30 A2 4-15 9-14:30 € 1500 6 weeks 13.07.2015;

¹ The preparatory course consists of 20 teaching hours (TH) a week in German as a Foreign Language and 20 TH specialist subject lessons (Mathematics, IT, Economics/Business Administration, English, History and more).
² The listed prices are based on category I accommodation. Additional accommodation offers can be found on (LINK zur AOL). An administration fee of €50 and a deposit of €100 are required before moving into the accommodation.
³ DaF: Deutsch als Fremdsprache (German as a Foreign Language)

Responsible Institution:
Institut für internationale Bildungs- und Sozialforschung an der HWTK gGmbH i.G., Berlin
General manager: Kathrin Adam
Registered office: Berlin HRB: requested