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Heidelberg Private School Centre
The Heidelberg Private School Centre (HPC) offers you or your children the opportunity to gain a variety of different school qualifications. The HPC consists of a primary school (Grundschule) with a bilingual specialisation in English; a secondary school (Realschule) for years 5-10, with either a standard (German) or a bilingual curriculum (German/English), vocational colleges (Berufskollegs) focusing on business (BK I and BK II), foreign languages and preparation for the advanced commercial college certificate (Fachhochschulreife); and a vocational high school (berufliches Gymnasium) offering a commercial pathway with elective courses in business or international business - bilingual (English), as well as a social sciences pathway, preparing students for the general qualification for university entrance (Abitur). We offer pupils intensive support and advice, in addition to a comprehensive system of remedial courses. Regular educational and careers guidance is available both to learners and to parents. Lessons are taught by qualified and committed teaching staff.